Single Concert Tickets

Our concerts can only take place when movement restrictions due to coronavirus allow. Consequently we are unable to offer the usual Season Ticket discounts. We will thus only sell Single Concert Tickets on the day - not in advance. Admission for adults is £10, available from 12.30 on the day of the concert. Students and schoolchildren 7 years and over - admission £2.

Coronavirus Covid-19 information

Our concerts are subject to the latest Government guidance. Please note:
  1. Audience members are obliged to wear a face covering at all times.
  2. Doors will be open at 12.30. They will remain open for ventilation so wrap up well. Any queuing should be socially distanced and will be outside the Church.
  3. Advance ticketing / seat reservation is not possible. Please bring £10 per head in cash or cheque (made payable to Kendal Midday Concert Club) in an envelope with your name/s and contact telephone number written on it for 'Test and Trace' purposes. Boxes for your envelopes will be provided at the entrance to the Church. No tickets will be issued.
  4. Seating is socially distanced according to an agreed seating plan. Family members can sit together. Stewards will seat you so that we can meet our obligations for seating you all safely, so we regret you will not be able to sit where you choose. We realise this will inevitably lead to some audience members having a restricted view of the performers but hope that being able to hear live music more than makes up for it.
  5. Toilet access is limited and in emergency only. This will also be stewarded.


A Membership fee (£8) can be gift aided, or for a suggested minimum donation of £50, which can be gift-aided, you can become a Patron. Please download the Application Form. You can pay online using BACS (details are on the Application Form) or send the completed form with s.a.e. and cheque made payable to Kendal Midday Concert Club to the Membership Secretary:

Elizabeth Moreton
South Lodge,
The Common,
LA23 1JQ

We hope that Members and Patrons will renew their support of the Club and that others may feel able to do so by joining us as a Member or Patron. Financial help of this kind, for which the Club is very grateful, will help us through this, hopefully temporary, uncertainty.